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Phuket is one Thailand’s southern provinces, lying on the west coast in the Andaman Sea, which is a part of the Indian Ocean, from 7 degrees 45 minutes latitude to 8 degrees 15 minutes north latitude and 98 degrees 15 minutes to 98 degrees 15 minutes to 98 degrees 40 minutes east longitude. The total area of Phuket, which is Thailand’s largest island, and the islands surrounding it that together Phuket Province, is 570 sq. kilometers. At its greatest, greatest length is 48.7 kilometers.

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Come and Join us to explore an idyllic tropical haven of unparalled natural spendour. In choosing one of our top excursions through varius sightseeing tours of Phuket isle, Today’s Paradise and nearby provinces.

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We deliver the right information and guidance for exploring the island which has a great advantage in its wide variety of terrain. All of these provide different opportunities for young – at – heart traveller and the outdoors enthusiast, including; Tourist attraction, Map, Activities, shopping and dinning places etc.